About Us

Hi we're La Cocina Economica (the affordable kitchen). The question we get asked all the time is, “how do you make such great food but charge so economica?” Well to answer this question, we travel back in time to when mi madré said to me, "son, one day you will provide the finest tacos y burritos to the people at a very low price so that all may enjoy mexican food that is delicioso!" Since that day we have been doing just that and haven't looked back.

Do you know what a great idea would be? Catering from La Cocina Economica! We can deliver an awesome taco and margarita bar for your guests. And not just Mexican food (I know right...), we can create a mouthwatering feast for your special occasion. Just contact us and we can get you a quote.

Thanks for visiting our website. We hope to see you soon! Remember to join our Facebook page to stay up on special deals and win free prizes!

- Hasta La Vista Amigos!